Why a $50 ADA is NOT Going to Happen (any time soon)

ADA has rallied over 566% since the beginning of the year!

Where do you think the price of Cardano will peak this cycle? Some people are saying ADA could hit $50 per coin in the few months. This poppycock! This 3rd generation cryptocurrency is an excellent investment, but lets be realistic, hitting $8 by October 2021 would be a stretch. In this video, Benjamin Cowen discussed why a $50 ADA is not going to happen in this market cycle. He then offers a realistic price prediction based on market capitalization and ADA’s valuation against Bitcoin and Ethereum.

People have asked Charles Hoskinson what he thinks about the top smart coins in this space and what makes Cardano stand out above there rest, here is his answer. This video is brief and it gives and excellent answer to the question, reveal the true motive that has always driven this billionaire from Colorado (and Wyoming). In short, he wants to the make the world a better place for everyone (but specifically the unbanked world).

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