The Hologram. The Whole is in Every Fractal.

Breedlove is joined by Preston Pysh for a multi-episode conversation exploring two books: 1) The Brain by David Eagleman, and 2) The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.

Life around us is a hologram. The whole is in every fractal. Each tear holds the world.
Humanity has yet to discover how to program the quantum chips that are emerging. When we start programming the first quantum computer, I believe what we’re going to reveal is that each of us is a supercomputer, where every single atom in each of our molecules holds access to an extreme knowledge field.

We are all quantum beings….

Every millionth of a second, our bodies make billions of calculations that decide who we are today. With an endless number of possibilities in which our bodies can manifest, you may wonder: how does it express the vibration of an energy field that we call a soul? It does so by projecting a hologram as our physical reality.

Podcast: To Be Magnetic