Waiting To Be Born


A guru once did cajole, I knew my fishbowl
like the company accountant knows his payroll
Years past, at last, to peer out that porthole
Now I see, this world is a womb for my soul

Everything is wrong, is our pathetic song
So we seek validation, hoping to belong.
Our angst to profess grievances for redress
Less eager to confess how we did transgress

If the birds and bees can flourish and to thrive
why do so many humans strive just to stay alive?
Why does this world seem so crazy and insane?
Why do people seek to hurt, murder, and mane?

This world is a hell, and one the grave cannot close
So here we fell, yet again, among our ancient foes.
and the game of karma goes on for another session.
Why did I leave heaven, that was my real question?

I know we are more than blood, tissue, and bone
Inside a spirit abideth and would maketh known
that with attention our eternal soul maybe grown
and with courage and faith we may return home

Knowing oneself is the noblest endeavor
The trick is learning what thoughts to sever
What I think I know, tis my only real foe
Letting go of illusions is how we grow

Words contain a will which is very bold
Infecting minds of both young and old
Eagerly we host the lies we are told
In this way, we are bought and sold

Our ego is that king we are unwilling to depose
and is such a thing possible as others suppose?
With deeply embedded pride we will not disclose
can we really remove our selfishness? Who know?

Ego, like a faithful dog ever by my side
for shelter does cling, in flesh, to abide
ready to spring, but earnestly to hide
Who is this alien dwelling inside?

What is this “self” but a protest of death
Relinquish control, cries my knowing breath
But to my chagrin, my ego speaks again
Perhaps in the end, I may see to begin

Our purpose is this life ought to be made very clear,
we must let go of fear, and so relinquish what is dear.
Only then can we share a joy that is void of strife
in that soon-to-be place beyond this so-called life

While the trials of life seem unfair
We need not be left here in despair
We need not lay awake feeling forlorn
We are all only waiting to be born