The Dark Side of Spirituality

Alex Ebert & Jules Evans

What is the link between spirituality and eugenics? What is the dark side of spirituality?

@43:33 – Alex Ebert says, “Once you realize Trump was a second generation new ager…” , Everything starts to take on new light… and a new non-binary dimension, as in string theory where things get stacked in the same space but never touch each other or interact in any way, as if separated by time, when there is no time and therefore no way to explain the phenomenon.

This conversation brings together Alex Ebert (watch his Truth video here), and Jules Evans, philosopher and writer. Jules will be doing a series of exclusive talks for the Rebel Wisdom Digital Campfire

Rebel Wisdom is a transformational media channel founded by BBC & Channel 4 journalist David Fuller, and co-founded by writer Alexander Beiner.

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