Jordan Peterson is Jung, Bret Weinstein is Freud

Are Liberal Becoming More Conservative?

Watching this made me think so… Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Bret Weinstein is a former biology professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Of course, these guys know each other, Jordan says the meet five years ago. Soon they became part of a movement that was known as “The Intellectual Dark Web” (then JP got sick… back now he is back!).

Full Podcast:​

00:00​ Welcome back, Jordan
01:00​ Beyond Order
03:40​ Maps of Meaning
06:50​ Holocaust through an evolutionary lens
09:25​ We’re all descendants of rape
10:34​ Socialization and stable societies
15:25​ Genocide programming and chimps Vs humans
17:00​ Work, sacrifice, and self-consciousness
21:36​ Self-conscious emotions in non-human animals
24:00​ Consciousness shared between skulls
26:00​ Delayed gratification in squirrels and humans
28:35​ Chimpanzees and human capacity
30:51​ Belief in an afterlife
33:00​ Science and religion similarities
35:37​ How did the ‘Hero’s Journey’ evolve?
40:57​ Bret’s agreement and pushback
42:57​ Consciousness selects the gene
44:27​ Bret’s pushback on Jordan’s hypothesis, discussing kin Vs group Vs lineage selection
52:56​ Jordan’s response
56:14​ Bret on consciousness selecting genes, and spider hedonism
58:39​ We must confront the genes
01:00:37​ Bret is Freud, Jordan is Jung
01:05:00​ Foolishness may end humanity
01:07:27​ Capitalism is underrated around vices
01:11:05​ Optimistic future? Ridley, Lomborg, Pinker
01:17:07​ Cultural evolution and religious mythology
01:20:00​ How to continue humanity
01:23:23​ Marxism fears
01:26:34​ Marxism argument Bret doesn’t hear
01:29:39​ Outcome, ability, and equality
01:33:55​ Birth control and growth
01:37:17​ Paying attention to your conscience
01:39:19​ Spandrels…​
01:44:35​ Personal responsibility and criticizing systems
01:51:48​ Demonizing competence and meritocracy. War on competence
01:57:55​ How widespread is this problem. Discussing racist math
02:02:04​ Yes, Jordan reads YouTube comments
02:03:01​ Is it ubiquitous?
02:07:46​ Are we nearing the end?
02:09:41​ Dr. Seuss censorship and caricatures
02:12:03​ Wrap up

Here is a second interview, or perhaps the first. In any case, they were only a few day appart and this time Bret in a guess on JP podcast. If you can’t get enough, here is more: